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1. You must have a Provisional Driving Licence.

2. Your Instructor will be happy to advise on Theory Test training material.

3. Your Instructor will assist in preparation for your theory test by reviewing your

    knowledge during your lessons.

4. As you approach your Driving Test, your Instructor will carry out a number of‘mock’ tests to ensure that you are fully ready for your Driving Test.

5. Driving lessons cancelled with 24 hours notice are not charged for.

6. Discounts available for block bookings.

Learn to drive with a friendly patient Approved Driving Instructor with over 12 years experience. In a new ‘dual controlled’ vehicle

Learning to drive can be easy and fun.

Book a trial lesson Now!!

Learning to drive is an important task as you are developing a ‘skill for life’.

 It is therefore important to start off by selecting a suitable Driving Instructor.

 Ensuring that they are fully qualified and displaying their ADI Instructor Badge (shown above). That their car looks clean and properly  presented. This can tell you a lot about the standards of the Instructor.

Consider having a trial lesson with the Instructor to see how you get on with them.

 Making the correct decision at the outset will make the whole experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

 At Graduate, we pride ourselves   in our customer care and support and  welcome learner  drivers of all ages. Shy and nervous drivers will find a very safe and   comfortable experience.

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